Private Training



Delaware Patriot offers one-on-one private training to work on the skills and fundamentals you want to develop. Skill building topics include: basic firearms safety and proficiency, marksmanship, holster presentation, shooting on the move, multiple target engagement, shooting from cover, situational awareness, and diminished light training.

First time appointments are scheduled for two hours to provide ample time to evaluate your understanding of firearms safety and marksmanship and to cover topic material. Subsequent appointments can be scheduled for one hour.


Whether you have no previous firearms experience or you're a seasoned veteran, our instructors can work with you to develop the skills you want to improve. With topics ranging from basic firearms proficiency and holster work up to multiple target engagement and shooting on the move, we will work with you on a lesson plan with measureable performance outcomes.

Prerequisites and Costs

  • Lesson Cost: $65 per hour (first engagement is 2 hours for evaluation)
  • Loaner Pistol Supply Fee: $25 - $50 (Optional: If you don't own a firearm, we have a selection of loaners! Fee covers all supplies/ammunition for the session.)

  • Range Fees: $0 - $25 (Typically $0. Paid to the range facility in cash - cost depends on range availability)

    Discounted Rate: Delaware Patriot CCDW students are charged $50 per hour. Couples can schedule together at a reduced rate!