What We Do

Delaware Patriot provides firearms safety training solutions for both companies and private citizens in the state of Delaware. We work with a team of instructors to provide the greatest flexibility in scheduling possible -- for more information or to schedule a class, contact us today!

Delaware Patriot Firearms Safety Training will provide quality firearms instruction in a safe and educational environment so that we may foster a better understanding of firearms and enhance the marksmanship skills of our students.

Delaware Patriot Mission Statement



Rob Wiltbank

Rob is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, a Range Safety Officer, a certified gunsmith, and Sig Sauer Armorer who holds a Master of Science in Education with a focus in Instructional Technology. Rob's also a certified Home Firearms Safety, Refuse to be a Victim instructor, and a graduate of the New Castle County Citizen's Police Academy. He shoots competitive pistol in the International Pistol Shooting Confederation and United States Practical Shooting Association, and competitive rifle in the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Rob has trained with Active Self Protection, Delaware Tactical, and Girl On Fire's Jodi Maki, and he's a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

As a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, Rob founded Delaware Open Carry, a group of individuals whose purpose is to educate the general public about the peaceable carry of firearms. Specializing in the research of Delaware Firearms Law, he has published a compilation of Delaware law that pertains to the carrying of a firearm which he offers as a free download. Rob has worked with aspiring law enforcement agents in the Criminal Justice program at Delaware Tech and was the firearms instructor for the local scholastic chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association. Rob has received training in the Darkness to Light Foundation's Stewards of Children program to be able to prevent, recgonize, and react responsibly to sexual abuse, and he advocates for women's self-defense and safety programs.

His teaching philosophy is that, in order to be successful at instructing people in firearms safety, two things are required of the instructor:

  • Be a good teacher. Understanding teaching philosophies and methodologies to engage the student and increase learning retention are crucial so that information can be comprehended and recalled after class.
  • Be an excellent marksman. Not just by having a "knack" for shooting, but understanding the body mechanics behind shooting and the experience to know how to correct technique problems and educate the student as to why it happened. Rob has fired tens of thousands of rounds and taken part in pistol competitions in the tri-state area.


Kim Wiltbank

Kim Wiltbank

Kim is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Women on Target Instructor, and co-leader of the Delaware Divas of Defense Women's Shooting Group. Growing up in a hunting household, she still enjoys shotgun/trap and rifle, and shoots competitively in a variety of disciplines, including pistol and rifle. Kim is a graduate of the New Castle County Citizen's Police Academy.

In response to an ever increasing demand for women-centric training, Kim developed additional curricula and information included in our in-person instruction that revolve around female-specific topics. Discussions surrounding women's safety concerns, pistol shooting as it relates to female body mechanics, and concealment techniques for women are included in a respectful learning environment. Kim has trained with noted firearms defense instructor Jody Maki, Appalachian Tactical Aquisitions Course, and has a long history of teaching and training diverse populations and communities.

Kim's dedication to the Second Amendment and our right to self-defense is matched only by her love for sharing knowledge and working with her students on their training goals. In her work, she strives to:

  • Be a patient instructor. Having worked with students of every demographic, Kim strives to identify your learning style, and utilizes different teaching methods to improve engagement and skill retention.
  • Practice what you teach. It is imperative that instructors follow the same safety guidelines, and demonstrate the marksmanship skills that are taught in class. Consistency is key to providing excellent training.