Zoom/In-Person Delaware Concealed Carry License Training



This objective of this comprehensive safety course is to provide the student with the knowledge required to safely own, maintain, carry, and shoot a firearm. It is designed to exceed Delaware's training requirements for citizens seeking to apply for their Delaware license to carry a concealed deadly weapon.

This course may be delivered in either a virtual (classroom learning conducted via Zoom) or hybrid virtual/in-person format. The live-fire portion of the course is done in-person and may be scheduled either for the same day or for a future date.

Statutory Note

Delaware Patriot Instructors are certified, insured, and approved by the Delaware State Attorney General's office and the syllabus for this course is on file. This course exceeds the requirements set forth by Delaware to obtain your licenses to carry a concealed deadly weapon.

Zoom Learning Note

The classroom portion of this course is conducted using Zoom online conferecing. The classroom portion will begin at 8:30am on the designated date and conclude at approximately 3:30pm with appropriate breaks in-between lessons. Once you complete the classroom portion, your course will conclude with an in-person appointment where a certified firearms instructor will conduct the hands-on training and live-fire exercise.

Course Description

The State of Delaware requires a training course for Delaware residents who seek to obtain a license to conceal their pistol. This program consists of a comprehensive curriculum that assumes no experience on the part of the student. We introduce firearms safety topics, the fundamentals of shooting, and cover Delaware laws pertaining to the possession of a concealed weapon and the use of force in defense of self and others.

If you are not a Delaware resident but wish to carry in Delaware, you may register for this course and request the Florida non-resident license documentation and certificate only. The Florida non-resident license has reciprocity with Delaware and is the perfect way for non-Delawareans to conceal in Delaware.

This class exceeds the requirements found in Delaware State Code, Title 11, § 1441(a)(3).

Prerequisites, Costs, and Range Information

This course assumes that the student has no previous firearms experience. Included in the cost: email and phone support for any questions you may have pertaining to applying for your license -- we are here to assist you through the entire licensing process!

  • Course Cost: $220 (includes course handbook, materials and handouts, instruction, and court certificate)
  • Range Fees: $20 (paid to the range facility in cash on the day of your in-person session.)
  • Loaner Pistol Supply Fee: $50 (Optional: If you don't own a firearm, we have a selection of loaner pistols! Fee covers all supplies/ammunition.)

Special Offer: If you would like the training, documentation, and a course completion certificate for the State of Florida's concealed license (Florida has concealed carry reciprocity with 30 states), you may do so for an additional investment of only $25 when you schedule your Delaware CCDW course.

Range Locations: We utilize several ranges for our training. Live-fire exercises are currently being conducted at a private range in Port Deposit. The facility is about 15-20 minutes into Maryland off of Route 40 in Glasgow or Exit 100A from I-95. Address and directions will be provided when your range appointment is scheduled.

Course Outline

Topics covered include:

  1. Firearms Safety and Safe Handling
  2. Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition and Child Safety
  3. The Fundementals of Pistol Shooting
  4. Pistol and Ammunition Function and Nomenclature
  5. Pistol Shooting Sports and Activities
  6. Instruction of Delaware State Law Regarding Purchase, Ownership, Transportation and Use of a Firearm
  7. Instruction of Delaware State Law Pertaining to the Use of Deadly Force for Defense of Self, Others and Home
  8. Confrontation Avoidance and De-escalation
  9. Live Fire Exercise, Expending a Minimum of 100 Rounds of Ammunition
  10. The Delaware CCDW Application Process
  11. Holster Presentation and Tactical Reloading
  12. Personal Protection Considerations at Home and Outside

Required Equipment

  • Quality functional pistol. (Loaners available! $50 fee to cover cost of ammunition and range materials)
  • 100 rounds of ammunition.
  • Clothing suited to the weather and activity. (No open toed shoes; avoid v-necks, low-cut, and collared shirts)
  • Wraparound eyewear, polycarbonate safety glasses, or non-shattering prescription glasses.
  • Earmuffs and/or earplugs (electronic ear protection strongly recommended).

Course Completion

Students will receive feedback on the live-fire exercise and a notarized certificate of completion suitable to be submitted to the State of Delaware. A brief written exam will be presented throughout the classroom instruction portion of the course.