New Shooter Orientation (Private Session)



This private, three to four hour workshop can be scheduled for you or your group and covers the following topics: firearms safety and safe gun handling, child safety, loading and unloading your firearm, the fundamentals of shooting, maintenance and cleaning, handling gun malfunctions, and ammunition handling and storage. The orientation concludes with a life-fire exercise on the range.


If you've recently purchase your first firearm, or if you're considering purchasing a firearm, the first step to being a safe, responsible gun owner is to learn how to properly handle, shoot, maintain, and store your gun. Whether you have no previous firearms experience or you're a seasoned veteran looking for a refresher of the fundamentals, this course will build the foundational skills required to own a firearm. The new shooter orientation covers:

  • Firearms safety rules and safe handling exercises
  • Safe firearms storage and child safety
  • Loading and unloading your firearm, and other gun manipulations
  • Cleaning and maintaining your firearm
  • Ammunition identification, handling, and safe storage
  • Gun malfunction identification and handling
  • Fundamentals of shooting: stance, grip, aiming, trigger control, and follow-through

The orientation concludes with a live-fire exercise on the range to put your new knowledge into practice!

Prerequisites and Costs

  • Workshop Cost: $195 for an individual or $175 per person for 2 or more attendees.
  • Loaner Pistol Supply Fee: $50 (Optional: If you don't yet own a firearm, we have a selection of loaners! Fee covers all supplies/ammunition for the session.)

  • Range Fees: $0 - $25 (Typically $0. Paid to the range facility in cash - cost depends on range availability)