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At Delaware Patriot, we provide Online Hybrid Delaware Concealed Carry Training and Virtual (Zoom) Hybrid Delaware Concealed Carry Training in response to COVID-19, allowing you to attend the classroom portion of our training either online at your convenience, or via Zoom from the comfort of your own home! The hands-on training and live-fire exercises are conducted during an in-person training session with our certified instructors.

Not a Delaware resident? Not a problem -- register for a Delaware CCDW class and let us know. We can provide you with the documents to obtain your Florida Non-Resident license so you can conceal in Delaware! Contact us today to schedule your Delaware firearms training or have any questions addressed -- we're here to help!


From The Range

Businesses, corporate security, private citizens and future law enforcement have utilized Delaware Patriot's training services. Here are some photographs from both the classroom and the range.

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Delaware Concealed Carry Training (Online)

You can start the online class any time, any day!

Start today with our hybrid online Concealed Carry Training! Complete the classroom portion of the course using our unique learning portal with your computer, phone, or tablet, then meet us at the range for your in-person content review, hands-on training, and live-fire exercise!

This course was designed and built by a professional firearms trainer and instructional designer working in education for 20 years!

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We strive to offer flexibility in scheduling your training by working with a team of instructors. For additional information or to schedule a class for your group, contact us today!

Training Options

For Delaware residents, the state has legislated specific requirements to obtain your license to carry a concealed weapon. Our class exceeds these and allows you to satisfy the state's training requirement. For non-residents of Delaware, the class meets the certification requirements of the State of Florida, allowing you to apply for your non-resident Florida license which is recognized by Delaware.


This self-paced, asynchronous course allows you to complete the classroom portion of the course through our online learning portal. Upon successful completion of the academic section, you'll meet face-to-face with one of our certified instructors to conduct the hands-on review and live-fire exercise. Non-residents of Delaware may take this course to obtain their Florida certificate to apply for their non-resident Florida license to conceal, which is recognized in Delaware.


Whether you have no previous firearms experience or you're a seasoned veteran, our instructors can work with you to develop the skills you want to improve. With topics ranging from basic firearms proficiency and holster work up to multiple target engagement and shooting on the move, we will work with you on a lesson plan with measureable performance outcomes.


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