Delaware Concealed Carry

Course Goal

"To instruct the student in advanced self-defense concepts and the material required by the State of Delaware to obtain a license to conceal a deadly weapon."

Total Course Cost: $220 (covers books, materials, certificate and qualification patch and rocker, any range fees at your cost.)

Pistol Rental: $30 (Allows for the use of a pistol for the live fire exercise and covers the cost of ammunition -- you may use your own pistol.)

Course Description

The State of Delaware requires a training course for Delaware residents who seek to obtain a license to conceal their firearm. This program consists of two classes, scheduled to run on the same day or back-to-back. The first is our NRA Basic Pistol Training Course and the second is our Delaware Patriot Concealed Carry class.

Together, these classes satisfy the requirements found in Delaware State Code, Title 11, § 1441(a)(3). Additionally, training for presenting your firearm from the holster is provided.

Special Offer: If you would like the training and a course completion certificate required by the State of Florida for their concealed license (Florida has concealed carry reciprocity with over 40 states in the union), you may do so for an additional investment of only $25 when you schedule your Delaware CCDW course. This training alone is normally offered for $100.

The syllabus for our Delaware CCDW course is on file with the Delaware Attorney General's office.


In additional to covering the material offered in the NRA Basic Pistol Training Course, topics also covered include:

  1. Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition and Child Safety
  2. Instruction of Delaware State Law Regarding Purchase, Ownership, Transportation and Use of a Firearm
  3. Instruction of Delaware State Law Pertaining to the Use of Deadly Force for Defense of Self, Others and Home
  4. Confrontation Avoidance and De-escalation
  5. Life Fire Exercise, Expending 100 Rounds of Ammunition
  6. The Delaware CCDW Application Process

Course Completion

Students will receive feedback on the live-fire exercise and a notarized certificate of completion suitable to be submitted to the State of Delaware. A short written exam will be presented at the end of the course.

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