What We Do

Delaware Patriot provides firearms safety training solutions for both companies and private citizens in the state of Delaware. We work with a team of instructors to provide the greatest flexibility in scheduling possible -- for more information or to schedule a class, contact us today!

Delaware Patriot Firearms Safety Training will provide quality firearms instruction in a safe and educational environment so that we may foster a better understanding of firearms and enhance the marksmanship skills of our students.

Delaware Patriot Mission Statement


Meet Your Instructor


Rob Wiltbank is a resident of New Castle County, Delaware and is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer as well as a NRA Certified Instructor who focuses in the pistol discipline. He shoots competitively in the International Pistol Shooting Confederation and United States Practical Shooting Association in addition to starting the NRA Action Pistol League at the Diamond State Pistol Club.

As a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, Rob founded Delaware Open Carry, a group of individuals whose purpose is to educate the general public about the peaceable carry of firearms. Specializing in the research of Delaware Firearms Law, he has published a compilation of Delaware law that pertains to the carrying of a firearm which he offers as a free download. Rob has worked with aspiring law enforcement agents in the Criminal Justice program at Delaware Tech and was the firearms instructor for Lambda Omega, the local scholastic chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association.

Rob's belief is that in order to be successful at instructing people in firearms safety, two things are required of the instructor:

  • Be a good teacher. Understanding teaching philosophies and methods to increase learning retention are crucial so the student can absorb the information and remember it after they've left the class.
  • Be an excellent marksman. Not just by having a "knack" for shooting, but understanding the body mechanics behind shooting and the experience to know how to correct technique problems and educate the student as to why it happened. Rob has fired tens of thousands of rounds and taken part in pistol competitions in the tri-state area.